NYLPI Supports Bills Providing Protections to Residents of Adult Care Facilities and Their Families

July 13, 2020

NYLPI joins fellow disability rights advocates in supporting A.4416C and S.3460A, which provide critical protections to residents of adult care facilities and their families. In a strongly worded letter of support to the bill sponsors, Senator Gustavo …

NY Daily News: NYPD body cam footage depicts fatal police shooting of mentally ill Queens woman in 2018

July 2, 2020

NY Daily News covered video footage of the NYPD fatal shooting of Susan Muller. NYPD shot and killed Ms. Muller (pictured) on September 17, 2018, after she called the police to report a burglary in her home in Queens. Following public reports of the sh …

NYLPI Joins Education Advocacy Groups in Support of Healing-Centered Schools

July 2, 2020

NYLPI is supporting Bronx Legal Services and the Healing Centered Schools in their efforts to improve schools in the Bronx. The Community Roadmap to Bring Healing-Centered Schools to the Bronx will serve as a guide for parents, students, educators, adv …

NYLPI Op-Ed: Reduce NYPD Budget to Save Black and Brown Lives by Reforming Mental Health Crisis Response

June 26, 2020

NYLPI’s Disability Justice Director, Ruth Lowenkron, along with other prominent mental health advocates, penned a strong op-ed calling on the City to immediately reallocate a substantial portion of the NYPD budget and save the lives of Black and Brown …

NYLPI Condemns Yet Another Police Killing of Individual Experiencing Mental Health Crisis

June 25, 2020

NYLPI, together with its partners in the Correct Crisis Intervention Today – NYC coalition, strongly condemns yet another killing by the police of an individual experiencing a mental health crisis. Ruth Lowenkron, NYLPI’s Disability Justice Program Dir …

Tell the Mayor and City Council to Prioritize #MentalHealthCareNotPolice!

June 23, 2020

NYLPI and Correct Crisis Intervention Today-NYC (CCIT-NYC) are asking the Mayor and the City Council to redirect $3.3 million in NYPD funding to a critical pilot project – starting in two high-needs NYC precincts – that would divert mental health crisis calls away from law enforcement and to special mental health teams consisting of a peer (a person with lived mental health experience) and an emergency medical technician (EMT). The pilot, modeled after the highly successful CAHOOTS program in Oregon, would finally deliver a public health response to the 200,000 calls the City receives annually for mental health crises. Please contact City leadership to demand funding for this important pilot in the FY21 NYC Budget. #MentalHealthCareNotPolice

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