CityLimits Quotes NYLPI in Access-A-Ride Bus Lane Story

April 12, 2019

CityLimits quoted NYLPI Director of Disability Justice Ruth Lowenkron in a story about a city proposal to let Access-A-Ride vans use bus lanes to speed up trips for riders with disabilities.

“Common Human Decency”—Best Practices For Lawyers Working With Clients with Disabilities

April 9, 2019

“If you’re uncomfortable or you don’t know what to do, just say, ‘I’ve never worked with someone with your disability’.”

Don’t Change English Proficiency Rules On Social Security

April 2, 2019

NYLPI has signed on, along with more than 100 other organizations, to a comment letter to the Social Security Administration, calling on them not to change the  rules around English proficiency.

MTA: Don’t Ration The Access-A-Ride On-Demand Pilot!

March 26, 2019

NYLPI and our colleagues in the Access-A-Ride Reform Group were out in force at Monday’s MTA Board Meeting to testify on a host of issues related to the on-demand pilot of the service. In particular, we raised concerns about the possibility that the on …

Forbes Cites NYLPI’s “Left Behind” Report On Story About Lyft Disability Lawsuit

March 20, 2019

Forbes cited NYLPI’s “Left Behind” report in a story about a California lawsuit targeting Lyft today. The report, published in May 2018, found that for-hire vehicle services like Uber and Lyft fail to provide accessible vehicles to wheelchair users 70% …

Defendants with mental health difficulties should not languish in jail

March 11, 2019

NYLPI, along with our allies, is resisting a proposed change by Governor Andrew Cuomo to New York’s criminal procedure law that would leave individuals accused of crimes, who are experiencing mental health concerns, in county jails without mental healt …

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