Forbes Cites NYLPI’s “Left Behind” Report On Story About Lyft Disability Lawsuit

March 20, 2019

Forbes cited NYLPI’s “Left Behind” report in a story about a California lawsuit targeting Lyft today. The report, published in May 2018, found that services like Uber and Lyft fail to provide accessible vehicles to wheelchair users 70% of the time they …

City Limits Publishes Op-Ed By NYLPI Attorneys on Lead Enforcement

March 20, 2019

City Limits published an op ed on lead enforcement this morning by NYLPI Director of Environmental Justice Rachel Spector and Senior Staff Attorney for Environmental Justice Christine Appah-Gymanfi. The piece references the passage by city council of a …

NYLPI joins amicus brief supporting transgender students

March 19, 2019

NYLPI joins the National Women’s Law Center and over 50 colleagues in an amicus brief before the Ninth Circuit in Parents for Privacy v. Dallas School Dist. No. 2, which challenged a school district’s policy blocking transgender students’ access to bat …

Mayor Signs Bills To Stop Sham Unions In New York

March 19, 2019

Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed a package of three bills designed to improve working conditions in private carting, and move towards ridding the industry of fake sham unions. “This was a very good day for reforms in private carting, and a first step to …

Let’s Pass The Climate & Community Protection Act

March 18, 2019

Let’s move New York to 100% renewable energy, invest in our most vulnerable communities, and create hundreds of thousands of good, green jobs. 

Testifiying On Immigrant Health At City Council

March 18, 2019

NYLPI Health Justice & Immigration Staff Attorney and Project Manager Yleana Roman is testifying before New York City Council’s Committee on Health this morning in support of health coverage for all New Yorkers. In particular, Yleana’s testimony pr …

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