The New York City blackout was actually bad for the environment

July 16, 2019

USA Today quoted NYLPI Director of Strategic Organizing Justin Wood in an article about food waste and greenhouse gas emissions during the recent New York City blackout. NYLPI’s recent climate emergency report, produced with the Transform Don’t Trash-N …

After Rightly Declaring Climate Crisis, the Next Important Step for the City Council

July 10, 2019

New York City Council recently voted unanimously to declare a state of climate crisis. Now comes the time for swift additional action, and the next major climate bill our local government must pass is the Commercial Waste Zone Bill, writes NYLPI’s Dire …

Daily News Quotes Justin Wood In Story On Safety In Private Waste Industry

July 8, 2019

NYLPI’s Director of Strategic Organizing and Research Justin Wood (pictured, speaking at a rally for regulation to improve the industry) was quoted in a Daily News story by reporter Thomas Tracy, this weekend, focusing on dangerous conditions in the pr …

Politico Quotes NYLPI In Story on Probe Into Business Integrity Commission

July 3, 2019

Politico reporter Danielle Muoio quoted NYLPI Senior Attorney for Environmental Justice Melissa Iachan in a story about City Council’s probe into the Business Integrity Commission: Council quietly concludes probe into BIC, makes several recommendations …

New Yorkers Rally for Sanitation Reforms ahead of City Council Hearing

June 27, 2019

A diverse coalition of New Yorkers rallied alongside City Council members this morning for a bill to create a citywide commercial waste zone system. The new policy will improve safety and cut pollution in a private trash hauling industry responsible fo …

Fighting New York’s Climate Emergency With Waste Zones: New Law Would Make Huge Greenhouse Gas Reductions

June 25, 2019

Transitioning New York City to an efficient, high-diversion commercial waste zone (CWZ) system will avoid up to 2 million tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions per year, making this one of the most important climate initiatives City lawmakers will decide on …

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