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NYLPI seeks to attack the human rights crisis in immigration detention through a multi-pronged program, including a medical-legal-community partnership. Essential to this advocacy is NYLPI’s Medical Providers Network. The Medical Providers Network (MPN)  is a growing network of professionals who help people in immigration detention with serious healthcare needs. NYLPI receives referrals from legal and community partners requesting connection to a medical provider. NYLPI then swiftly connects a volunteer to the client and advocate to develop medical advocacy letters, visit clients in detention facilities, conduct in-person consultations or medical interviews, or provide testimony for cases. The power of our volunteer’s expert se can be a force of change and is used in advocacy for better care while detained, requests for release, and in underlying immigration cases.This medical-legal-community partnership is supported by more than 155 volunteers who are dedicated to raising awareness of conditions in immigration detention in medical spaces.

January 2020

In January 2020, NYLPI released its MPN 2019 Year End Review Report. This report provides a thorough summary of the number of cases received, types of medical conditions managed, and much more.

July 2020

In July 2020, NYLPI released its Summer 2020 Medical Providers Newsletter. This newsletter highlights outstanding medical provider volunteers, who went above and beyond to support NYLPI’s immigrant health justice efforts. This newsletter also summarizes the number of cases received, occurring medical conditions, and successful cases in which the medical advocacy of our volunteers made a significant contribution to the release of individuals from immigration detention.

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