NYLPI Backs Residential Curbside Pickup Pilot

October 3, 2019

Disability Justice, Legislative, News

NYLPI, along with a host of other disability justice and other groups, has written to New York Transportation Commissioner, Polly Trottenberg, asking her to consider piloting a residential curbside pickup rule:

Despite markedly low car ownership rates, New York City residents still need access to the curb. Whether it’s a parent unloading their child from a car, an older or mobility impaired person using Access-a-Ride or someone hailing a cab or using a for-hire-vehicle, the current system of loading and unloading passengers in the middle of the street is dangerous. In addition, currently 41% of New Yorkers receive deliveries several times per week. Combined, these activities result in significant curbside demands and double parking. As well as creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists, double parking is the key contributor to congestion, which in turn leads to increased air pollution and noise pollution and significantly delays buses and emergency vehicles. For emergency vehicles, the difference in minutes can be critical.

To address this problem, we, the undersigned, endorse a citywide rule under which any multi-tenanted building can convert curbside space in front of its building entrance into a No Parking Zone, a space available for quick pick-up and drop off of people and goods, as long as the curbside space is currently non metered parking for private vehicles. If this condition is met, the building will notify the local Community Board (CB) and present the request for this new zone to the Traffic and Transportation Committee. Once the committee confirms that the condition has been met, the CB will notify NYC DOT and within sixty (60) days, the NYC DOT will install new street signs and create the No Parking Zone.

You can read our full letter here.

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