NYLPI Secures Accommodation Enabling Law Student with Disabilities to Take NYS Bar Exam

October 2, 2020

Coronavirus, Disability Justice, News

Senior Staff Attorney Christopher Schuyler secured accommodations enabling a law student with disabilities to take the New York State Bar Exam. Following a surgery, the client developed a wound which has resisted healing. As a result, the client is unable to sit upright for long periods of time without severe pain and risking further disruption of the healing process.

The October 2020 New York State Bar Exam will be administered remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For security reasons, the Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) will rely on video surveillance software to monitor exam-takers, requiring them to remain in full view of the camera for the duration of the Bar Exam.

Exam-takers are required sit upright while taking the Bar Exam. However, due to her disability, NYLPI’s client required an accommodation permitting her to take the Bar Exam from a partially-reclined position using a bed/couch desk. The client’s requested accommodation was simple yet medically necessary and would not infringe upon BOLE’s security measures.

After direct communications with BOLE proved unavailing, the client sought NYLPI’s assistance. NYLPI drafted a letter for BOLE detailing the nature of the client’s disability and the requested accommodation. Shortly after receiving the letter, BOLE granted the client’s request. NYLPI is pleased to have promptly satisfied the client’s request without the need for litigation.

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