NYLPI Testifies On Mayor’s Sustainability Office

June 12, 2019

Environmental Justice, News

NYLPI Environmental Justice summer intern and NYU Law student Asha Brundage-Moore gave testimony today at the city’s committee on Environmental Protections.

NYLPI supports the great work of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability so that it can be expanded, fully funded and staffed, and held accountable so that we can ensure the work continues past this administration, and best address the major challenges climate change poses in our city.

Asha was testifying on a bill, Intro 1399, which would create a new City Department of Sustainability and Climate Change and get rid of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability.

NYLPI is in favor of the creation on this new office because it would be a clearing house for all the sustainability initiatives of the City, coordinating with all other departments with sustainability goals (for example, transportation, sanitation and buildings), allow the public to more easily engage with all the climate friendly measures enacted by the City, and allow for more Council oversight of things like budgets, and ability to call hearings with a newly appointed Commissioner.

Asha said: “This streamlining would benefit City residents by giving them easier access to information on how the City is trying to be greener and be aware of differential burdens climate change and environmental hazards have on the communities we partner with.”

Testimony Intro 1399.



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