Shadow League Features Sports Equity With NYLPI Organizer Jenny Veloz

August 23, 2019

Community Justice, News, Sports Equity

Writer J.R.Gamble at the Shadow League website featured an extensive interview with Community Organizer Jenny Veloz this week, about our sports equity campaign:

“I grew up in New York City, so I can empathize with these issues. A lot of high schools think all Black and Latino students want to do is play baseball, football or basketball and those should be the only sports offered. But what about the students who want to play volleyball, or soccer or lacrosse? The population should not be stereotyped or pigeonholed to like these sports. There are a ton of sports that students and kids like to play.

It also goes beyond sports. It goes to what the power of sports does for individuals. It builds confidence and teaches teamwork and hard work. Sports can impact a child’s life tremendously and having these schools and these students not be able to access it is just wrong.

Sports is proven to enhance the development, maturity, and quality of life for teenagers in many ways. From better overall health, better grades and better emotional and psychological help, to improved social life and community involvement.

We thought this was understood.”

You can read the whole interview with Jenny over at The Shadow League’s website.

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