Streetsblog Quotes NYLPI In Story On Safety Issues In Private Garbage Industry

September 9, 2019

Environmental Justice, News, Transform Don't Trash NYC

A New York Garbage truck after an accident

Streetsblog reporter Julianne Cuba quoted NYLPI’s Director of Organizing and Strategic Research, Justin Wood, in a story about a garbage truck plowing into a cyclist.

Advocates are renewing calls to regulate the city’s private carting industry after a private sanitation-truck driver crashed into an electric-bike rider in Gowanus on Sunday night, leaving the rider in critical condition, police said.

NYLPI and a coalition of our allies are trying to reform the industry.

“Lomangino Brothers is a prime example of a private waste company unwilling to take the most basic steps to operate safely and responsibly on our streets, such as installing safety side guards on trucks,” said Wood. “The City Council urgently needs to pass a robust commercial-waste-zone policy that will require companies to upgrade trucks, operate safely, treat workers fairly, and keep our streets and our environment safe.”

You can read the full story at Streetsblog.

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