Trump’s Public Charge Rule Hurts Our Clients

August 13, 2019

Disability Justice, Health Justice, Immigrant Justice, News

Image of protestors holding signs saying "Immigrants make America Great"

The Trump Administration’s new immigration rule will force our clients and communities to choose between the people they love and the food, housing, and healthcare they need.

Under the “public charge” rule, having a disability or using government programs can be counted against immigrants seeking lawful admission to the U.S. or applying for a “green card.”

This new rule threatens immigrant families, discriminates against immigrants with disabilities, and turns basic support into weapons against immigrants, many of whom are also communities of color. We fought to stop it, but the administration dug in, on its war on immigrants.

From receiving prescriptions through Medicare, basic healthcare that keeps people with chronic conditions healthy through Medicaid, nutrition assistance through SNAP, or housing through rent vouchers, these public programs close the gap for families all over New York. But now, every meal or doctor’s visit could put a loved one’s immigration status at risk.

Although the “public charge” rule does not impact every person applying for the chance to remain in the U.S., it will directly hurt many of our clients and the communities with whom we partner.

This change impacts the entire healthcare and supportive system that helps all of us live healthy lives. For over a hundred years, the government has recognized that access to health care and nutrition helps families thrive and participate in society. And decades ago, the government clarified that immigrant families could seek health and nutrition benefits without fearing that doing so will harm their immigration case. We can no longer offer that assurance.

NYLPI stands with our clients and communities, and we will continue to work against scapegoating, targeting and attacking immigrants. We oppose the new rule.

Immigrants in New York City who are concerned about how the public charge rule might affect them or their loved ones can call ActionNYC at 311 or 1-800-354-0365 and say ‘public charge’ to access City-funded, trusted legal advice.

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